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Kansas City Chess Club History


Kansas City Chess Club Origins?



1. The Sportsman’s Directory and Year Book 1893

Kansas City Chess, Checker And Whist Club, Alamo Bldg., Kansas City, Mo


2. The British chess magazine, Volume 13 1893

Kansas City has had a good and bright Chess and Checker Club for some years past. A peculiarity of the Kansas City players is the varied hours at which they commence and finish play. It may be a sign of the approach to the Western liberty, for Kansas City must be nearly 1,500 miles from New York by most routes. Some of the Kansas City players often start operations long before 120 noon, while others prefer a corresponding hour at midnight. Messrs. Beebe, Merriam, and Shaw were the leading lights at the time of my visit; and G A. L'hommede, now in Chicago, is becoming widely known as a correspondence expert. In one of his Canadian games (a Bishop's Gambit), not long ago, he independently discovered and announced a very long winded mate from a position in which the game is dismissed by the Handbuch as a win for the other party'.


Simultaneous Exhibitions in Kansas City


In 1944, Al Horowitz's opponent died of a heart attack in Kansas City just after Horowitz made a spectacular move.


1937 Kansas City Chess Open

Karl Horak is scanning games and chess history from his father’s papers, Henry Horak!


See Henry's games and story at


 We sent Henry an official Kansas City Chess Club mug and KC Club pens!


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