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The Kansas City Chess Club

School Chess Programs

 Research Link Showing Chess Improves Test Scores and Concentration

The Kansas City Chess Club provides school chess programs for charter, public, private, parochial, Montessori, and home schools.  We serve schools in the Kansas City Metro Area. Students range from Pre-School age 3 up the 12th grade.

Our Chess Clubs welcome all kids. We teach the royal game to absolute beginners to advance tournament players. The goal of each club meeting is to have fun while learning chess. 


The Kansas City Chess Club chess curriculum will guide students from Pawn to King level advancement.  Progress will be measured by a chess skills test taken at the end of each level. Students may participate as a team against other schools at local chess tournaments.


Ken Fee and his staff of certified chess instructors from The Kansas City Chess Club teach players about important rules, chess etiquette, strategy, openings, endgames, and tactics.  Research says chess improves test scores on Math and Reading!

School Programs for Students


·         Certified Chess Instructors

·         Chess Sets, Boards, and Chess Clocks 

·         Individualized Pawn to King Level Chess Curriculum.

·         Chess Awards for each student. 

·         Chess Etiquette and Life Skills

·         Peanut Free Snack

Program Options:

·         Programs are 15 weeks per semester.

·         Class sizes range from 6 to 100 students.

·         Classes meet once per week before, during, or after school.

·         Classes are 45 minutes in duration. 15 Minutes of Instruction. 15 Minutes of Casual Play. 15 Minutes of Tournament Practice Play.


Ba  Based on number of students and weeks.


Contact Ken Fee at 816-446-3550816-446-3550 or e-mail to create a school chess club.

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